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IREEN and FREE Workshop on ICT Roadmap to Energy Efficient Neighborhoods

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IREEN is a European Commission ‘Coordination Action’ project, aimed at delivering a comprehensive strategy for European-scale innovation and take-up in the field energy efficiency and performance technology for large areas, including neighbourhoods and extended urban/rural communities. The roadmap will be produced and delivered in September 2013, and it will provide guidance for the future calls within the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.

The Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE) initiative was created by SHV Energy in 2010 and is supported by a wide variety of groups, such as CEJA, Cogen Europe, Euromontana, Glass for Europe, Renewable Energy Foundation, AEGPL, Podlaskie Region, BDR Thermea, RINNAI, ACRE, NEA, Tecnocasa Climatizzazione, Polyurethanes, EC Power, Regional Office of Silesia Region and RURENER, which are committed to improving the lot and realizing the potential of rural communities through greater energy choice. This pan-European platform is aimed at promoting the use of sustainable energy within rural communities through research, energy advice and promotion of lower carbon energy options available to consumers living beyond the natural gas grid.


The aim of this workshop is to gather inputs from rural energy experts.

The day will offer you the opportunity:

To exchange your ideas;
To contribute to the IREEN roadmap which will be presented to the European Commission in September 2013 (name of your organization to be mentioned in the Roadmap);
To network with our multidisciplinary project team;
To become a member of the IREEN Community of Interest and to receive early information on our project results.

Please register before 22 February 2013.

VENUE: Spanish Office of Science & Technologies (SOST), 62 Rue du Trône, Brussels.


IREEN – ICT for Energy Efficient Neighbourhoods
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