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ISK-SODEC Exhibition

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Based on many years of successful exhibitions, Hannover Messe Sodeks Fuarcilik A.S. organizes the biggest HVAC & R trade fair of the Eurasion region. Sodex Exhibitions, held alternately in Istanbul and Antalya since 2000, enjoy the participation of professionals from Turkey and the surrounding countries. ISK-SODEX displays latest developments and state of the art technologies in heating, cooling and air-conditioning.

Thanks to its excellent geo-strategic location and its socioeconomics qualities, Turkey belongs to the emerging markets of the world. If offers a strategic gateway to conducting business with the growing economies of Eurasia, i.w. Southeast Europe, the Middle East and the Central Asian republics. Dynamic, democratic and with a progressive spirit of innovation, Turkey gives a high priority to international business development. With a young and dynamic population of 71 million, Turkey's consumers actively seek quality products. As such, foreign trade is expected to increase steadily over the coming years.