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Meet BIM4Ren: easy-to-use BIM tools for renovation

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BIM methods and tools have an increasing impact in the construction sector, to help to improve the productivity and cooperation across its full value chain. While BIM has mainly been applied on new buildings, the BIM4Ren project investigates its use and potential in renovation projects, through easy-to-use tools, to achieve the EU energy targets for the European building stock. In this first webinar, we will present the general concept and challenges we are tackling. Be part of it, join us!




  • The construction sector and the need for easy-to-use digitalized tools
  • The B4R webinar series
  • How will B4R deliver solutions answering those requirements?
  • The B4R community of stakeholders
  • How is BIM used today?
  • How to use BIM for energy retrofitting?
BIM4Ren project
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Fernando Sigchos Jiménez
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