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Meet the EP100: Energy Productivity with The Climate Group

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Meet the EP100

Using Better Energy Better


Energy productivity is all about maximising every single unit of energy to generate greater economic output - in other words, doing more with less.


Businesses have a crucial role to play in reducing their climate impact - and the EP100 initiative is how the world's biggest companies including H&M, SwissRE and others are demonstrating their energy productivity leadership.

Ready to join them?


Learn more in the special online session featuring Jenny Chu, Head of The Climate Group's EP100 Initiative:


  •     learn the ins and outs of energy productivity and the value it brings beyond efficiency
  •     meet the EP100 companies and learn how you can join them
  •     tech applications designed to make energy productivity a reality for any business


Don't miss this free learning opportunity - register here to reserve your seat!

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