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Mid-year International Passive House Open Days 2017

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From 16 – 18 June 2017, the mid-year International Passive House Open Days, put on by the International Passive House Association (iPHA) and its international Affiliates, will take place for the 2nd year in a row. The mid-year event allows participants to experience Passive House buildings during the summer (or winter) months as opposed to the main event in November. By participating with your own Passive House home, office, or even construction site, you can share your experiences and show what Passive House is all about.



Project registration


If you are interested in registering your project please get in touch with your local iPHA affiliate or contact us directly at



Visit a Passive House building


If you would like to visit a Passive House building, you can look at the world map to find a participating building near you. Details on how to arrange your visit are provided for each entry.



For further information, please visit the relevant iPHA webpage at the link below.

iPHA and its international Affiliates
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