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Mini Online Workshop on the Renovation Wave - EuraACE

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Building on the success of the 1st Mini Online Workshops Series on the Renovation Wave, EuroACE is currently organizing a 2nd Mini Online Workshops Series called “Renovation Wave in Action: sharing experiences”. This new series will focus on concrete experiences at regional and local level in the framework of energy renovation of buildings which should be scaled up through the Renovation Wave Initiative.


In line with the format of the precedent series, this 2nd edition comprises three short webinars of a duration of 1 hour each. Workshops include a presentation by the main guest speaker and a moderated Q&A session.




Introduction: Julie Kjestrup, EuroACE President & Danfoss Head of Public Affairs


EuroACE presentation: Adrian Joyce, EuroACE Secretary General


The experience in the Region Hauts-de-France: Elodie Denizart, Project Manager at the Permanent Representation of Hauts-de-France Region to the EU


Q&A: moderated by Hélène Sibileau, EuroACE Senior EU Affairs Manager


Conclusions: Julie Kjestrup, EuroACE President and Danfoss Head of Public Affairs


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