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Model Predictive Controls: learn more at the hybridGEOTABS workshop

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  • FREE EVENT, upon registration >> REGISTER HERE
  • Register before 1 October 2018
  • Confirm at registration whether attending in person, or via the Webinar link (provided upon registration).

WHEN: 17 October 2018 , 8:30-18:30 CEST

WHERE: Room B-246, Czech Technological Uni, 1580/3 Jugoslávských partyzánů, Prague 6, Prague 16000, CZ 


hybridGEOTABS is an active research project to optimise the predesign and operation of a hybrid combination of geothermal heat pumps (GEO-HP) and thermally activated building systems (TABS). The project team is also designing an improved, automated ‘Model Predictive Control’ (MPC) solution for testing on hybrid supply and emission systems in demonstration buildings such as offices, elderly care homes, schools and apartment blocks. Applying MPC to hybridGEOTABS optimises the performance and efficiency, making it more economically attractive and increasing take up.

To share insights on their MPC strategies, hybridGEOTABS consortium is organizing a dedicated workshop on Wednesday 17 October in Prague. Hosted by Energoklastr, the MPC workshop will address both specialists in HVAC and Control, wanting to know more about the practical and theoretical aspects of MPC (development, modelling, implementation, operation), as well as architects, building and HVAC designers wanting to know what MPC has got for them.

The first part of the workshop includes a more general introduction to MPC and to two hybridGEOTABS demonstration buildings with MPC. In the second part of the workshop, speakers will go more in depth on the theoretical and practical aspects of MPC development and implementation. Both parts can also be followed via web-conferencing. The day is concluded with a guided tour of the demonstration school building in Libeznice.

View the workshop agenda below and register here.


8:30    Registration and Coffee

9:00    Welcome - dr. Lukas Ferkl (UCEEB - CTU Prague & Energoklastr, CZ)

9:05    Introduction to hybridGEOTABS – dr. Eline Himpe / prof. Jelle Laverge(Ghent University, BE)

9:20    Introduction of Model Predictive Control (MPC) - dr. Damien Picard (KU Leuven and Boydens engineering, BE)

9:50    Two MPC demonstration buildings: Libeznice school (CZ) and Infrax-office (BE) - dr. Jiri Cigler (Energoklastr, CZ) and dr. Filip Jorissen (KU Leuven)

10:50    Debate

11:30    Coffee break 

12:00    Practical aspects of MPC for the control of HVAC systems: presentation and debate

13:00    Lunch break

14:30    Transport to Libeznice

16:00    Guided tour of the Libeznice school demonstration building

18:00    Transport to Prague


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