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Monitoring the market uptake of nZEBs across Europe: ZEBRA2020 project final conference

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 What do we learn from the nZEB market uptake since 2010? Are Energy Performance Certificates useful? What are the implications of the EPBD recast? ZEBRA2020's final conference will try to answer these questions and share knowledge on how to reach the ambitious target of 100%-share of nZEBs for new buildings after 2020 as well as a substantial increase of deep nZEB renovations. Participants will debate recommendations and strategies to accelerate the market uptake of nZEBs. Registration is open! A draft agenda is available for download below. 


The ZEBRA2020 project focuses on tracking the market transition to nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEBs) to derive recommendations and strategies for the building industry and policy makers and to accelerate the market uptake of nZEBs.

BPIE on behalf of the ZEBRA2020 project

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