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MORE-CONNECT project: Cost-effective deep renovation of buildings Workshop (W28)

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The social and environmental urgency of large-scale integrated retrofitting of the European building stock is widely acknowledged. However, the building sector has not yet been able to devise a structural, large-scale retrofitting process and systematic approach. There is an urgent need for cost-effective solutions to accelerate deep renovation of buildings. To promote deep renovation, it is of great value to find the right balance between the energy conservation and efficiency measures as well as the measures and technologies that promote the use of renewable energy. The optimization of material use versus energy reduction is also important. New opportunities like the application of prefabricated modules for building renovation could be one of the solutions for this. A combination of product innovation, fully automated production processes and new market models have the potential to reduce costs, reduce the renovation time and disturbance for occupants and, at the same time, enhance quality and performances, both in terms of energy efficiency as well as indoor climate.


In this workshop, held in the framework of the REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2016, the latest findings from key projects on cost-effective deep renovation will be presented as an introduction to further discussions.

Projects addressed will be:

  • H2020 MORE-CONNECT: Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunctional building envelope elements for Modular Retrofitting and smart Connections
  • H2020 EE REFURB: Regional process innovations for Building renovation packages opening markets to zero energy renovations
  • IEA EBC Annex 56: Cost Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation.


Speakers: Manuela Almeida Peter Op ’t Veld Tine Steen Larsen Ove Christen Mørck.

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