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Second edition of “Next Building: International conference on next-generation building technologies & design”. This event will feature the awards ceremony for the Italian buildings singled out in the European GreenBuilding programme. The event is organised by end-use Efficiency Research Group (eERG) of Milan’s Politecnico University, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the Greenbuilding Research Centre. "By presenting and awarding these Italian buildings, we want to highlight achievements that position Italy in the top flight internationally,” said Lorenzo Pagliano, director of eERG. “The coming decade will see extreme efficiency in the building envelope and plants, high-level architectural composition and optimal comfort in heating and illumination as the defining features of the building industry. And it will be possible to replicate these high efficiency buildings in construction both in the public and in the private sector.” The award is held under the IEE project GreenBuildingplus; The conference will present also methodologies for assessing thermal and visual comfort according to EU CEN Standards, and case studies of the application of the methodology to 4 large commercial buildings