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Opportunities & limitations: financial supports for energy efficiency

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One of the key barriers to sustainable energy projects is the difficulty to find adequate funding: huge upfront investments, lack of profitability for the private sectors, current lack of public financing... all this makes the problem of financing too often insoluble.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together the key stakeholders and actors that will define a vision for how to release future funding on energy efficiency in social housing.

Specifically, the main objective is to best understand that finding a solution to financing the extensive renovation of Europe’s building stock is a key issue and the FRESH project, supported by IEE programme, is pioneering work in this area.

CECODHAS Housing Europe which works to improve access to financing opportunities for energy efficiency wants to contribute to this consultation by calling a workshop. It will aim at answering the following questions:

  • Are the current EU-level financial tools for energy efficiency in buildings effective (i.e. Cohesion policy funding, EEE-F)?
  • How could the uptake of EU-level funding for energy efficiency be improved?
  • Where is EU funding still needed and what could be the future role of EU level financial instruments? (i.e. complement national and regional financial instruments)?
MEP Mario Pirillo and CECODHAS Housing Europe
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