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Presentation of Network services (Energy, Telecommunications and Transport) and Environmental Sustainability sessions

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Three networked services (energy, telecommunications and transport) will be addressed from a Spanish and Portuguese Comparative Law Perspective. Analysis will focus on the balance between liberalization and environmental protection.

Highly topical issues will be discussed such as:

a) the challenges of integrating renewable energies in the electricity sector;

b) the problems associated with new forms of hydrocarbon extraction such as "fracking";

c) the new regulation of telecommunications and the use of airwaves;

d) the need for action to achieve sustainable mobility.


Brief summary of Programme:

  • opening
  • presentation of the network services
  • presentation of book ¨Estudios Jurídicos Hispano-Lusos de los servicios en red (energía, telecomunicaciones y transporte)¨ Legal studies Hispano-Lusos in network services (energy, telecommunications and transport) and its impact on natural areas
  • round table: online networking services
  • round table:  promotion of renewable energy: Community regulation
    Community and reforms in Spanish legislation
  • roundtable: debate: "fracking", new regulations
    on telecommunications and sustainable mobility



Isabel González Ríos, Universidad de Málaga
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Carmen María Ávila Rodríguez
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