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Public-private partnerships for energy efficiency policies

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Industry, regional and local authorities face important and complementary challenges to truly benefit from energy efficiency investments, required in the path to sustainability. This webinar addresses finance and policies issues meant to entice and foster such investments
Energy efficiency is the best investment in sustainable energy that has multiple benefits. Yet, its vast potential is not realised. What are the challenges – as it’s seen by the industry? How can regional and local authorities can foster such investments? What are the financial hints and tricks to make a project attractive for those who finance it? This webinar aims to discuss these questions among others and assist those considering to draft and implement ambitious local and regional EE policies and actions. Agenda: Adrian Joyce, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroACE): The EE implementation challenge Christiane Egger, Upper Austria Energy Agency (OO ESV): Carrots and sticks in motivating the large public Marie-Laure Falque Masset, Energy Agency of Ile de France (ARENE IDF): Energy clusters for the implementation of successful pilots Katarzyna Dziamara-Rzucidlo, Energy Efficiency Finance Group (EEFIG): Grants or financial instruments – or how to make your EE project attractive for the financial sector? What support is there for you? Moderated by Kristina Dely, Energy Cities, the association of cities in their energy transition
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Dr. Vlasis Oikonomou
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