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QUALICHeCK Webinar | Prevention of summer overheating — methods and results

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Prevention of summer overheating — methods and results

Friday 2 December 2016, 10:00 am Brussels time (CET)


This webinar will focus on summer thermal comfort by discussing available national requirements, related assessment methods as well as the results from field studies.


Overheating prevention is addressed by EPBD Annex I which states that the energy performance of a building shall be determined and it shall reflect the cooling energy needs (energy needed to avoid overheating) to maintain the envisaged temperature conditions. This highly important requirement for occupant’s comfort and wellbeing has led to variety of practices and regulation in Member States. In principle, overheating is a dynamic problem highly depending on the solar gain, thermal mass, shadings, window airing etc. Some countries have addressed the issue with dynamic simulation based requirements and in some countries more simplified methods are in use. Field studies show that this quite a new issue has not yet fully established in design and construction practice and more effort is needed for successful implementation.


Agenda (Brussels time)

  • 10:00 Kalle Kuusk, Tallinn University of Technology | Overview of overheating assessment methods and indicators in QUALICHeCK countries
  • 10:15 Arnold Janssens, University of Gent | Window thermal performance and overheating indicator in new buildings in Belgium
  • 10:30 Questions and Answers
  • 10:40 Raimo Simson, Tallinn University of Technology | Overheating assessment method and results from Estonian apartment buildings
  • 10:55 Susanne Geissler, OEGNB | Overheating assessment method and results from Austrian buildings
  • 11:10 Questions and Answers


How to attend

Participation is free, but prior registration is required. Please register at the links below.

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