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Reaching Nearly-Zero-Energy Buildings and CO2-targets through Urban Development - CONCERTO/Class1-project closing conference

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”The EU CONCERTO Class1 project is ending October 2013 and has now planned the closing event – an international conference with the title/theme: Reaching Nearly-Zero-Energy Buildings and CO2-targets through Urban Development. The conference will be held at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen and will present concrete local actions for implementation and technical possibilities.


Municipalities throughout Europe are eager to reach Nearly Zero-Buildings and CO2 targets. However, few know how to do it, because it represents a difficult challenge to translate these targets into specific local actions in urban development.

The aim of this conference is to raise the question of what municipalities can do in order to reach these targets. Since 2007 the Class 1 project has worked within the EU-CONCERTO initiative to develop and demonstrate a municipal planning process that, in combination with a research and development project, successfully led to the implementation of more than 100 new energy efficient dwellings on market conditions, the energy refurbishment of 2 schools and 5 institutions as well as the installation of more than 500 kWp of PV on public buildings in the Municipality Egedal.

The conference uses the results of the Class1 project as a way to set the stage for addressing the challenge of setting up effective urban planning frameworks that build on prevailing regulatory, economic and technical conditions.

Egedal Municipality and Cenergia Energy Consultants
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Linda Strobaek
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