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REFURB Conference 2017

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REFURB Conference 2017 will take place on 10 October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium, organised by the REFURB project in coordination with Renovate Europe. The event focuses on how to activate house owners towards investing in deep energy refurbishment, as well as on the extent at which deep energy refurbishment of existing buildings can be an important part of the green transition.



Conference topics


1. Coaching the homeowner, eliminating the barriers on energy renovation.


2. Creating a market for deep energy renovation in Europe: Renovation of residential dwellings is lagging behind the political ambition. How to stimulate this market?


3. The REFURB project:  How to speed up deep energy renovation dynamics with regional innovation and renovation offers?


  •   The holistic REFURB approach for deep energy renovation: How to create a successful customer journey with focus on both business and value creation for selected customer segments.
  •   Bridging the building sector offers and the homeowner needs: The building sector and the homeowner are not yet on the same page. REFURB looked at the missing links to create a powerful offer.
  •   Business models and value creation as tools to design a concrete and attractive offer: Non-energy and financial benefits for both the homeowner and the supply side.

4. How to generate impact with renovation offers? Rollout strategies, quality guarantee and applied examples.


  •  Quality guarantee in deep energy renovation: Are performance guarantees after renovation a burden or an opportunity? Do policy and practice meet or differ?
  •  The renovation coach for the homeowner: Eliminating the barriers. Single point of contact: Supporting and unburdening the homeowner in the customer journey.
  •  Practical experiences in neighbourhoods: Energy ambassadors show their neighbours the way to save energy in their homes .
  •  Refurb lessons learned and policy recommendation for rollout: How to create a powerful offer for homeowners and a successful rollout strategy with stakeholders?


For further information and registration, please visit the event’s website at the link below.

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