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REMOURBAN webinar "High Performance District: Deep retrofitting, low temperature district heating/cooling"

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Join us on Thursday, 28th March 2019, 16.00h (UTC+3) / 14.00h (UTC+1) to find out how high-performance district goal can be achieved in Turkey. The webinar will be held in Turkish.


Energy efficiency is the predominant criterion in building indices, which, in turn, contributes to sustainable development. The need to optimize the energy behavior of buildings’ has been enforced by scientific and government policies. The public debates are focused on the quality of the urban environment, as more energy efficient buildings could reduce the quantities of fossil fuels consumed and thereby reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and Sulphur dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, particularly on a micro- and mesoscale.


High performance district is a new concept of interventions to the extensive retrofitting, renewable energy and storage system integration, low temperature district heating system, smart controls etc. These interventions are aimed to lead to a highly energy efficient building that creates a new concept of high-performance district.


Through deep retrofitting, it is possible to achieve acceptable comfort, better indoor air quality for the building occupants while reducing the heating and cooling load is necessary as it would generate huge energy and cost savings as well as reduce environmental emissions.


Low temperature district heating/cooling is also a new energy efficient alternative for district heating systems. As energy is generated and distributed on a large scale, DH&C networks enable the integration of different technologies and utilization of several different sources, with minimal implementation requirements, that otherwise are difficult to manage in small facilities. It is fundamental to define a production strategy that combines them efficiently in order to select the best alternative at any time, in terms of high performance, security of supply, response time, stability in the network, production costs, environmental impact.


This webinar explores how to achieve high performance district through deep retrofitting and implementation of low temperature district heating and cooling in Turkey. The webinar will be held in Turkish and will last approximately 45 minutes. No registration is needed.


Click here to join the webinar on Thursday, 28th March at 14h (UTC+1) /16h (UTC+3)!



Agenda, Speakers & Moderation:



Dilay Kesten-Erhart: Project Manager, Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum

Introductory words on Project REMOURBAN and this webinar.


PART 1 - Deep retrofitting

Caner Demir: Consultant, Demir Enerji

An introduction to high performance district through deep retrofitting, what is the potential and how it will help for the future climate goals of Turkey. What are the achivements of Remourban projet in Tepebeşı


PART 2 - Low Temperature District Heating & Cooling Systems

Hamit Mutlu: Mechanical engineer, Mekanik Proje

How low temperature district heating/cooling system operates, what are the benefits of hybrid renewable systems in district heating/cooling system.


PART 3 - Successful commissioning processes

İbrahim Çakmanus: Mechanical Engineer, Olimpos Enerji

How energy systems are commissioned effectively. What are the challenges and solutions? What are the benefits?



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