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REPUBLIC-MED International Conference - Sustainable Renovation in Mediterranean Cities

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The REPUBLIC-MED project which focuses on the development and experimentation of a new methodology for conducting complete technico-economical studies towards the refurbishment of public buildings and open spaces (public spaces) organises its final conference in Nice, on May 29th 2015.
The objectives of the event are to:
Develop and promote new methodologies for improving the techno-economical limitations currently affecting Mediterranean buildings and public spaces renovation efforts.
Analyze and propose fruitful collaborative solutions to eliminate or reduce inefficiencies of current (inter)national methods applied for retrofitting purposes.
Disseminate information regarding the research results achieved by the MED consortium projects pertaining to the experimentations and pilot studies within various typologies of Mediterranean public spaces.
Create synergies and lasting relationships across multiple sectors in order to drive and align industrial interests through cutting edge ICT and engineering research exploitable foreground.
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