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Request2Action project Interactive half-day workshop: Using EPC databases – turning data into action

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Europe has impressive ambitions for a nearly zero energy transformation of its housing stock. EPCs are key to realising those ambitions.  
EPC databases/registers are now in place across most EU countries. These databases, coupled with advancements in ‘big data’ technology, statistical analysis and GIS mapping, have the power to transform our delivery of energy saving programmes. However, too often theses databases are left to gather dust and are not routinely used by policy makers and delivery bodies.

At this workshop, you will hear about the organisations who are maximising the value of the EPC databases, by placing them at the heart of energy efficiency delivery and policy.  

Please confirm your attendance by emailing Oskar Mair <>.

This workshop is organized together with the workshop "Online home energy efficiency advice tools" (4th November, 9am-1pm).                                                                                                                                                                             
Request2Action (, project supported by Intelligent Energy Europe

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