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Rural Energy Choices Campaign - Launch Dinner

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With European Union ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and increase energy efficiency by around 20% by 2020, the role of rural areas in achieving these ambitions should not be ignored.

According to the Committee of the Regions’ opinion published in July 2012, there is huge potential for energy savings to be made in rural households as they are significantly older, and their renovation is more costly and often beyond the reach of their owners. Furthermore, the OECD recently published its report on ‘Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development’ highlighting that more coherent strategies and the right set of local conditions are needed in order to establisha positive connection between renewable development and economic growth.

With these regional and pan-European stakeholders increasingly supporting the need for a sustainableenergy transition in Europe’s countryside, the momentum is there to take this transition to a next phase and to make the right energy choice.


The Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE) initiative has the pleasure of inviting you to the exclusive presentation of the FREE ‘White Paper’ on energy policy in rural areas. The event will mark the start of the new ‘FREE Choices Campaign’ and will present an overview of decentralised, cleaner and energy efficient technologies available in rural areas.

Event speakers include Mr. Mark van Stiphout, Cabinet Member of Energy Commissioner Oettinger, European Commission, Mr. Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP, Member of the Committee on Regional Development, European Parliament, and Mr. Raffaele Trapasso, Economist, Coordinator of the report Linking Renewable Energy and Rural Development, OECD.

The Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE) initiative
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