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SB13 OULU: Sustainable procurement in urban regeneration and renovation; Northern Europe and North-West Russia

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SB 13 Oulu is one of the regional Sustainable Building Conferences priming the World
Conference SB14.

The aim of SB13 Oulu is to bring together the industry and leading knowledge of the
research institutes, to share knowledge, and to improve our understanding of
future development needs.

SB13 Oulu provides vital audience for challenging discussions and networking between the
stakeholders in order to develop breakthrough solutions for the future. Hopefully
this initiative will promote further the sustainable procurement in urban
regeneration and renovation, and collaborative actions in Northern Europe and
North-West Russia.


The main theme of the SB13 OULU Conference is:  Sustainable procurement in urban regeneration and renovation; Northern Europe and North-West Russia

There are Seven sub themes:  

    procurement and process design
    networking, partnership between stakeholders
    integrated processes
    building control

Business models
    contract models
    user value through collaboration
    service systems business

Sustainable solutions and urban regeneration
    urban planning, eco cities
    sustainable infrastructure and traffic systems
    zero carbon builidngs
    aesthetic renovation

Sustainable policy and responsibility
    strategies and concept models for zero carbon buildings
    design and implementation of effective and efficient policies
    knowledge, training and educational aspect
    role of policy makers

Sustainable management methods and tools
    assessment tools: current and future roles
    sustainable frameworks and rating
    perceptions of sustainable housing design & occupant participation

Sustainability of building materials
    wooden building, wood in architecture
    material efficiency

Case studies