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SHC 2014: International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry

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SHC 2014 will be the third edition of this new series of annual scientific conferences on solar heating and cooling presented by the IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme (IEA SHC).
The conference offers a unique discussion platform for the international solar thermal community. We invite all researchers and technical experts as well as marketing specialists and policy makers, to present their work and exchange views and ideas. In addition to key technical topics, the conference will also address market and policy issues from an international perspective.


Conference Topics


Systems and components

  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Thermal storage
  • Other innovative components and systems
  • Durability and reliability

Market reports and framework conditions

  • Market reports
  • Global markets
  • Framework conditions and policies
  • Innovative business models and marketing
  • Standards and certification


  • Water heating
  • Solar heating and air-conditioning
  • District heating
  • Solar heat for industrial processes
  • Solar refrigeration
  • Solar architecture
  • Building integration
  • Building renovation
  • Urban planning
  • Solar resource assessment