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SINFONIA project study visit on energy efficient refurbishment

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Study Visit on Energy Efficient Refurbishment - SINFONIA project

On 26 April 2017, just a couple of days before the Passive House Conference 2017, the SINFONIA project invites interested stakeholders to visit the first two buildings renovated with energy efficiency measures in Innsbruck, Austria.


The visit will start at 12:00 with the onsite presentation of a social housing building managed by NEUE HEIMAT TIROL, and will be followed by the visit the  Angergasse School, which was the very first building renovated by Innsbrucker Immobilien  as part of the SINFONIA project.


 The visits should end around 16:30. Presentations will be given in German, with consecutive interpretation in English.



 NHT social housing building


Built in 1958 and with a surface of 6.994m², the building has reduced its final thermal energy consumption from 154.8 kWh/m²*a to 51.7 kWh/m²*a. The following measures have been implemented:


  •     Thermal insulation of walls, ceiling, roof and windows (triple-glazing);
  •     Insulation of balconies to reduce thermal bridges;
  •     Installation of new gas boilers;
  •     VAV controlled central ventilation system placed in the cold attic;.
  •     DHW via electric de-central water heater;
  •     New LED in all public spaces.


Angergasse School


The school was also built in 1958, and has a surface of 3.185m². Thanks to the SINFONIA renovation, the final thermal energy consumptions was reduced from 196.4 kWh/m²*a to 80.3 kWh/m²*a. The following measures were implemented:


  •     Thermal insulation of walls, roof and windows (triple-glazing).;
  •     Installation of a mechanical ventilation system;
  •     Installation of new LED  lamps;
  •     Installation of photovoltaic system of 58,035 kWp on the roof;
  •     New building equipment and appliances


Should you be interested in joining the visit, please register by 7 April by sending an email to


For further information, please visit the event's website at the link below.


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