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Smart City Event 2014

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Smart City Event 2014

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The Smart City Event will bring together a diversity of stakeholders from all over the world with a focus on the development of smarter cities. By being connected, the participants will have the possibility to work together during (and in advance of the event) towards a smarter future by putting the stepping stones in place for the smarter process. The end result objective is that you will leave the event with concrete actionable items for your own business and new contacts for setting up your smart projects.

Practical cases of projects focused on Smart Energy, Smart Data, Smart Lighting will be discussed.  The first session on the 14th of May (Round 1 10:00-10:30) is particularly relevant: ¨Smart Buildings for Sustainable Cities¨ which will showcase existing buildings and energy improvements, ICT in buildings, etc.


To see the complete program, please go to the Smart Energy 2014 event website here.

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