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Smart Readiness Indicator - Third plenary meeting

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The Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) is a new EU instrument that has been designed to promote smart technologies in the building sector and highlight their benefits in terms of energy savings, flexibility potential and information to building occupants. It is currently tested by several EU countries.


The SRI platform is an exchange forum involving building professionals interested in the SRI, and more generally in smart and efficient buildings. Its plenary meetings contribute to the promotion of the SRI and related best practices, by bringing together all interested stakeholders and EU countries to discuss technical, regulatory and implementation aspects of the SRI.


This third plenary meeting aims to provide an update about the SRI in EU policy. Testing plans and preliminary results of the test phases run in several EU countries will be presented. Expert working groups, actively working on the SRI calculation methodology and supporting measures will update participants on their work and achievements. The four LIFE projects will pitch their progress to date. Final results from surveys conducted on the SRI technical methodology and on the needs of EU countries to implement the SRI on a large scale will also be shared with the audience.


This platform meeting is also a chance for all SRI stakeholders to meet in person since it will be hybrid, hosted by the European Commission in Brussels. 


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