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Solar thermal conference: the impact of EU R&D funding / A 20 year perspective on EU R&D funding for solar thermal energy

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A conference on solar renewable energy will take place in Brussels on 24 September 2018.

The event will provide insights into the impacts of R&D funded through the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation; including providing access to the solar thermal Renewable Energy R&D Impact Report and an opportunity to influence the recommendations to increase future R&D impacts. During the workshop key industry experts, including ESTELA, Solar Heat Europe / ESTIF, Tecnalia, and AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies, will share their insights on the future of solar thermal technologies. There will be opportunities to discuss how to increase the impacts of your own research projects.


Reasons for attendance

Influence the recommendations to increase future solar thermal R&D impacts

Gain a greater understanding of past and future research, trends and best practice for solar thermal energy

Q&A with industry experts, the European Commission and other researchers

An opportunity to network with solar thermal energy experts from across the EU

To learn about best practice for shaping and implementing R&D projects to maximise their impact


Who should attend

Past and present solar thermal research project coordinators

Academic institutes

National energy policy makers

Private sector organisations implementing solar thermal or related technologies

Investors interested in solar thermal research and technology


Spaces available are limited, please reserve your attendance.