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Success stories - Advanced materials and solutions for low carbon energy and more sustainable buildings in Europe

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AMANAC & EMIRI seminar


In the frame of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2016, the AMANAC cluster and the EMIRI Association jointly organise this seminar which will be held at the Résidence Palace, International Press Center, in Brussels, Belgium, on 16 June 2016.


The seminar aims to bring together policy makers, public authorities, national bodies and industry to:


  1. highlight the key role of the Advanced Materials Industry in tackling the EU energy challenges;
  2. present success stories of new Advanced Materials and solutions for more sustainable buildings in Europe;
  3. discuss policies and regulations needed to ensure Industrial Leadership of the European Industry of Advanced Materials for low carbon energy technologies; and
  4. discuss policies and regulations and innovation in the Building & Construction Industry. 


The event's topics include:


  • Advanced Materials with competitive insulating / thermal, fire and mechanical properties and/or of low embodied energy.
  • Prefabricated and precast building elements based on 1) superinsulation materials with excellent thermal, fire and structural performance;  2) modified and pure earthen materials, wood-fibre boards and insulation, straw and flax fibre composites.
  • Smart windows that include advanced ultra-thin glass membranes, anti-reflective coatings, sealings, etc.


Furthermore, five projects will present “success stories” in key areas of interest to the building value chain:



  • LEEMA: Low Embodied Energy Insulation Materials
  • SUS-CON: Sustainable, innovative and energy-efficient concrete, based on the integration of all-waste materials
  • H-HOUSE: - Healthier Life with Eco-innovative Components for Housing
  • ELISSA: Energy Efficient LIghtweight-Sustainable SAfe Steel Construction
  • MEM4WIN: Advanced Technologies for Smart Windows



See the links below for further information on registration, programme, etc.

AMANAC-CSA & EMIRI Association
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