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Successful approaches to engagement for sustainable energy

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Consumers at the core of the energy union – Successful approaches to engagement for sustainable energy


The session, organised in the framework of EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), will showcase different consumer engagement strategies from new and established Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) and H2020 projects and allow for best practice exchanges between stakeholders, including beneficiaries, non-governmental organisations (NGO) s, policy-makers, multipliers, energy agencies and local authorities. The strategies to be presented cover different approaches to engaging private consumers, through direct engagement of students via inter-dormitory competitions (SAVES), the engagement of vulnerable households with door to door advice on the use of smart metering and in-house displays (SMART-UP), and engagement of consumers through consumer collectives and group purchasing (CLEAR). An academic expert on behavioural change will provide insights into feedback mechanisms, marketing appeals, and drivers of energy efficient behaviour. 


For further information please visit the relevant EUSEW webpage.

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