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Sustainable Places 2016 Conference: energy efficiency at building, district and city levels

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Sustainable Places 2016 is the fourth edition of a successful event that brings together the stakeholders of Energy Efficiency of Built Environment innovation in Europe. The conference is committed to support all players of the Energy Efficiency field, in their clustering and dissemination activities. The event features a strong and sustained relationship with the projects funded by the European Commission under the FP7 and H2020 frameworks, with a particular dedication to those that develop under the umbrella of the Energy Efficient Building Public-Private Partnership.

One main aim of the conference, therefore, is to act as a catalyzer for successful collaboration between these EU projects. Sustainable Places particularly encourages the coordinators of Fp7 and H2020 projects in the targeted field to organize clustering workshops in the scope of the conference.


Sustainable Places 2016 aims to gather scientists, researchers, and engineers from research institutes and the industry, around one of the greatest challenges that our societies have ever faced: ensuring the long-term environmental sustainability of ever-growing, densifying urban areas, in a resource-constrained world.


An attendance of around 200 participants, coming from Europe and other regions of the world, is expected.


New results and innovative work on energy efficiency at building, district and city levels will be presented.



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