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Symposium on valuing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency

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The EU-funded “Multiple Benefits” project and the German project “Multiple benefits as drivers for building renovation” invite businesses, decision-makers and interested stakeholders to share and discuss methods, lessons and tools to promote investments in energy efficiency.

The building and industry sectors combined represent about 85% of Europe’s CO2 emissions and about 70% of final energy use. Increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy demand is thus a key strategy to reducing carbon emissions from these sectors. Energy efficiency measures typically pay for themselves over time, but nevertheless, businesses often prioritise other types of investments in lieu of energy saving projects.


Why is that? One answer is that project proposals usually focus only on energy cost savings. These proposals ignore or do not communicate how a project contributes value to the core business.


However, by quantifying and communicating the multiple benefits of energy efficiency–such as contributions to improved product quality, enhanced employee productivity, better indoor air quality and improved asset value–energy efficiency projects can demonstrate competitive business impacts in the form of improved value proposition and reduced cost and risk.


The EU-funded Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency project has developed a process and tools to position energy efficiency as a competitive value proposition for businesses. Complementing this project, the German project Multiple benefits as drivers for building renovation aims to improve communication on multiple benefits in building renovation and identify barriers and opportunities for quantifying and including them in investment decisions.


Invitation to joint symposium, 28 October in Berlin


The partners of both projects invite businesses, service providers, housing and real estate authorities and other stakeholders to join us for a joint symposium on on October 28, from 10:00 to 17:00 in Berlin, ending with refreshment. 


The symposium will highlight and discuss lessons, methods and tools from both projects. Participants will learn about the different approaches to quantify the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, how they can be integrated in decision-making and how to communicate them with relevant stakeholders. It is an opportunity to improve synergies and exchange ideas with different stakeholders across sectors, markets and countries.




Participation is free of charge.

Register your interest here.




The symposium will be held in English [with a German-language break out session].

"Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency" + "Multiple benefits as drivers for building renovation"
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