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Urban Future Global Conference - Virtual Events

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Rotterdam live event rescheduled, digital CityChangers home-base are in the making!



This is about you.


Boost your skills for driving change. Let's learn how to get started, scale up and master success! At Urban Future Virtual you can connect with the most exciting urban change-makers, listen to their intimate transformation stories and test your idea with the world’s largest community of CityChangers.


This is where…


  • Inspiration and motivation happen
  • Topics get global visibility
  • 250+ partners join forces
  • You can watch on-demand for months



  • Urban Mobility
  • Sustainable Buildings & Districts
  • Circular Economy
  • Climate Action
  • Digitalisation



  • Inspirational: Formats to inspire, motivate and wow. Keynotes, 180° stages and presentations.
  • Participatory: Designed to involve, using a variety of tools. From Q&As, discussions, to deep dives.
  • Private: Connect with VIPs and leaders from around the world in private mini-group settings.
  • Workshops: To deep-dive into a topic, learn the details or co-create with peers.
  • Experiences & Networking: We take you to virtually experience exciting projects and cities, as well as fellow CityChangers.


Urban Future Conferences!


One-of-a-kind gatherings of the most passionate, active and best-connected urban change makers. Everything seems possible in a room full of game-changers. Feel the energy, learn the hard facts, cycle through the city, visit the most amazing sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods and have a beer with the speakers at the afterparty.


This is where…


  • You make important connections
  • Meet the most inspiring leaders
  • Politicians join to get inspired
  • You have conversations
  • You can become friends with the most impactful influencers

Up next. We can’t wait for:

  • Helsingborg 22
  • Stuttgart 23
  • Asia Pacific 23 (city to be released in 2021)
  • Rotterdam 24

Better Cities!


Do you want your city to become more… 

  • sustainable
  • colourful
  • circular
  • diverse
  • green
  • beautiful
  • healthy
  • innovative
  • environmentally friendly
  • creative
  • social
  • fun
  • together?

So do we. Our mission: We help make cities sustainable. Join our worldwide CityChangers movement in making our cities better places to live in.


Is this for you ?


Are you… 


  • an urban planner
  • an architect
  • an employee of a municipality
  • a mayor
  • a city councilor
  • a city rebel
  • a communication expert
  • a civil engineer
  • a university graduate
  • a cycling lover
  • an urbanism scientist
  • a mobility expert


Awesome, we are glad you made it! We want to support your work by providing you with useful know-how and connecting you with other urban change-makers from different parts of the world who share similar issues.

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