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'Ventilation 2012' will allow experts in industrial ventilation, in occupational hygiene, and in climate-control engineering for buildings and industrial processes, ventilation and filtration equipment designers, technical managers from industrial groups, managers of service-sector buildings, institutional opinion leaders, and academics to present their research and development and to compare their practices in the field of industrial ventilation

The next international conference on Industrial Ventilation will take place in Paris on September 17-19 2012. The conference will be hosted by INRS, the French National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health which will manage the meeting with the collaboration of CETIAT, CSTB, OQAI, IRSN.

This series of international conferences on Ventilation for Contaminant Control began in Toronto in 1985 and has continued in London (1988), Cincinnati (1991), Stockholm (1984), Ottawa (1987), Helsinki (2000), Sapporo (2003), Chicago (2006) and Zürich 2009).

The conference will be organized around four main topics:

  • • Occupational health;
  • • Ventilation and sustainable development;
  • • Specialized applications;
  • • Clean air technology, design and control of facilities. There will be invited lectures on:
  • • Carcinogenic risk in the workplace;
  • • Nanoparticles - emission control and protective equipments;
  • • Indoor Air Quality; • Zero Energy Buildings; • Containment and safety.
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