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Virtual seminar: Urban regeneration OSS Projects and the post-Covid19 recovery

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The current health crisis and the subsequent socio-economic crisis the EU is facing are going to put the One-Stop-Shop (OSS) urban regeneration projects in a new scenario that can seriously affect their development. We have a series of particularly important challenges ahead, but also great opportunities.


This virtual session, taking place on May 12th, intends to generate “collective brainstorming” about the impacts of COVID-19, identifying challenges and opportunities faced by our communities. It will feature the Opengela program, as well as European OSS projects for urban regeneration and will be the occasion to share reflections on how to face the post-COVID19 reality.


Draft Agenda:

1. introductory statement from Opengela Coordinator, Nacho de la Puerta;

2. A debate (moderated by a representative from EASME – European Commission) with interventions from OSS providing on their different perspectives, each one from a different perspective.


 LIST of potential participants:

  • Opengela – Effects of the crisis from the social perspective – vulnerable neighbourhood regeneration
  • EuroPACE program: the impact of COVID-19 on the Spanish renovation market with an example of HolaDomus and the opportunities for boosting clean energy investments
  • SuperHomes (Ireland) – Building renovation and public Health: a mutually-reinforcing action
  • Picardie Pass or IDF Énergies tbc – Well-established condominium renovation programmes facing a new context
  • RenoBooster project in Vienna – Smart City Framework Strategies in socio-economic crisis scenario
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