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Webinar about verifying energy savings from renovation programmes

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This webinar organised by the H2020 project EPATEE will present lessons learnt from studies using large databases of metered energy consumption to analyse energy savings from renovation programmes:


Case 1: Energy savings from renovations in the Dutch non-profit housing sector, with a statistical analysis of the differences between results based on the Energy Performance Certificates, and results based on metered energy consumption.

Presented by Prof. Laure Itard, Chair Building Energy Epidemiology, Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)


Case 2: Analysis of the differences between energy consumption from building energy stock models, Energy Performance Certificates, and the impact of efficiency measures using metered data from the UK National Energy Efficiency Data-framework (NEED)

Presented by Dr. Alex Summerfiel, Energy Institute, University College of London (UK)


More details and registration at: