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WEBINAR | On-Bill Financing Quality Assurance Providers

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The Investor Confidence Project has been working on reducing transaction costs and accelerating adoption of the PG&E On-Bill Finance Program. The webinar below discuss a number of changes to their program that brings it fully in line with ICP (Investor Confidence Project), and has resulted in a substantial increase in participation and project pipeline.  

PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) is demonstrating how standards and simplified process based on consistent certification through GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) and a network of QA (Quality Assurance) providers can deliver deal flow and lower transaction costs for all parties.




PG&E’s Energy Efficiency Financing program enables qualified, non-residential PG&E customers with a means to finance energy efficiency retrofit projects intended to replace worn-out equipment with more energy efficient models. Customers are offered a 0% interest loan that is in-line with the monthly energy savings from the project upgrades, payable through their monthly energy bill.


On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, the On-Bill Financing (OBF) Team will host a “Multiple QA Processes” webinar. An official agenda will be provided closer to the webinar date.



The Energy Efficiency program uses Investor Confidence Project (ICP) certified Quality Assurance (QA) reviewers to validate pre/post financing projects and confirm the energy savings amount per project, which determines the end customer’s final loan amount.

Currently, only one QA serves as PG&E’s main QA reviewer for Energy Efficiency Financing project opportunities.


However, in order to scale and streamline the Energy Efficiency program, PG&E is moving from a single QA reviewer to multiple certified QA reviewers, with their own business relationships with the project developers of financed energy efficiency projects.



This webinar will provide all the information of participating in the PG&E Energy Efficiency program as a QA reviewer, from enrollment to the systems you will access to validate and confirm the energy savings per financing project.

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