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Webinar: Cut through the clutter and confusion of building data

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For those involved in the energy management of a building or group of buildings, understanding the data collected can be a minefield. There are many different sources, formats, time series, as well as different platforms & logins. This often leads to mismanagement of data, failure to detect issues and lack of clarity across data.


iSCAN’s (intelligent Control and Analysis) power is its ability to centralise a range of time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform. Users can organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve their building or portfolio operation. As well as, create bespoke cross-platform alerts, and connect to a 3D virtual twin for real-time optimisation and ‘what if’ testing of improvement options.


Join IES for an in-depth webinar on 9th or 10th July covering the iSCAN tool within its recently launched ICL (Intelligent Communities Lifecycle) digital twin technology suite. The webinar will run at three separate times to accommodate an international audience.


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