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Webinar – Durability of building airtightness- assessment through field measurements

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Mandatory or voluntary building airtightness testing has come gradually into force in many European countries mostly because of the increasing weight of building leakage energy impact on the overall energy performance of low-energy buildings. Therefore, airtightness levels of new buildings have significantly improved in the last decade. However, rather limited expertise is available as regards the durability of building airtightness at mid- and long-term scales.

The objective of this webinar is to share information on the durability of building airtightness evaluated through field measurements. Information provided will help the participants understand how building airtightness changes over time and improve the protocol for future field measurement campaigns.


This webinar is organised with the support of TightVent Europe ( and AIVC ( Both initiatives are facilitated by INIVE (


Presentations & Speakers


  • Field measurement of the durability of building airtightness- review and analysis of existing studies, Valérie Leprince, INIVE, France
  • Durability and measurement uncertainty of airtightness in extremely airtight dwellings, Wolf Bracke, UGent, Belgium
  • Assessment of long-term and mid-term building airtightness durability: field study of 61 French low energy single-family dwellings, Bassam Moujalled, Cerema, France

Participation to the webinar is FREE, but requires you to REGISTER for the event.


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