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Webinar on RELaTED project: Integration of Industrial Waste Heat in District Heating

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This webinar will take place Wednesday, 2 December 2019, at 12:00 CET.

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What’s new in District Heating Systems (DHs)?

DHs have traditionally been designed to be operated with central energy production facilities and a variety of distributed consumption locations (dwellings, tertiary buildings, etc). In some cases, heat is partially obtained from local industrial waste heat streams, leading to almost de-carbonized heating energy supplies.


In case you did not know about the role of waste heat in DHs, would you like to upskill your knowledge about its benefits? What is the role of waste heat coming from industries in the EU strategy on Heating & Cooling and H2020 objectives?


These and more questions will be covered during our one-hour webinar on the Integration of Industrial Waste Heat in District Heating. Moreover, you will learn about the RELaTED project DH concept, where substantially lower temperatures are used in the DH network with benefits such as increased possibility to use industrial waste heat at lower temperatures. In particular, you will hear about how the regional energy agency of the Basque Country (EVE) will identify industrial waste heat sources suitable of heat recovery.


Join the webinar and learn what the future holds for Industrial Waste Heat in District Heating! Send us your questions and let's discuss together.



  • Johan Carlsson – Scientific Officer at the European Commission (JRC) - Role of waste heat in the H&C strategy, how it is treated in Directives and examples.
  • Kamila Waciega –  Director at Energy - Public Affairs Department, Veolia - Benefits of Industrial Waste Heat - To what extent does the industrial reject heat help achieving District Heating performance improvements? TBC
  • John O’Shea – Energy Systems Analyst at CODEMA, Dublin's Energy Agency, Ireland - Cluster of challenges. Technical & Non-technical subjects connected to Energy planning for Industrial waste heat sources.
  • Jesús María Casado – Renewable Energy Technician, The Energy agency of the Basque Country (EVE). Identification of industrial waste heat sources suitable of heat recovery.

Registration is open!

Please be aware that the number of questions and participants is limited, so register early to avoid disappointment. Don’t forget to submit your question after registration! Send them to

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