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Workshop | Prefabricated renovation solutions: Modular facade elements and systems

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Workshop Title: MORE-CONNECT: Development and Advanced Prefabrication of Innovative, Multifunctional Building Envelope Elements for Modular Retrofitting and Smart Connections


This workshop is included in the program for the SBE16 Tallinn and Helsinki Conference: Build Green and Renovate Deep



This time MORE-CONNECT workshop will be focused on the analysis of project interim results. Currently technical project for the case building in Estonia is finished and Latvian case building is at the final preparation stages. The workshop participants will discuss the main barriers and technical challenge in practical application of prefabricated panels in multi-apartment building retrofitting process. The main issue is linked to fact that currently prefabricated solutions are less attractive in Baltic region due to their higher costs in comparison to already existing retrofitting technologies. While the prefabricated modules can be installed in less than 10 days extra effort must be paid to improve quality during design process.


Performed survey of photogrammetric and laser scanning methods have shown that both methods can be successfully used by construction industry. At the same time the project has shown that the market is not ready for wide application of modern technologies such as 3D scanning or BIM.


The workshop will share knowledge on 3D data application for retrofitting project development and production of prefabricated modules.

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MORE-CONNECT project has received funding from the European Union´s H2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No. 633477.n.  The information in this publication does not necessarily represent the view of the European Commission.


EU H2020 MORE-CONNECT; Tallinn University of Technology
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