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With the growth of artificial intelligence technologies, new innovations are continuously emerging and surprising us. Recently, ChatGPT, an intelligent language and text generation AI, has raised questions about its use and deployment in our society.   What about the metaverse?   Will it become a permanent feature of our lives, and what impact will it have on the energy sector, specifically on utilities?  
Post date: 8 Mar 2023
Type: Publication

Over 250 professionals from different types of companies were interviewed for the Energy Management survey. A majority of respondents said they work in companies directly related to energy, including ESCOs, Utilities, and OEM companies as we have seen in the previous weeks’ articles.  
Post date: 9 Feb 2023
Type: Publication

Last December, a Energy Management survey was launched and it gathered more than 250 responses. The survey was aimed at companies directly related to energy, such as ESCOs or energy suppliers, but also at companies from other sectors such as the tertiary sector or facility management. The results were analysed and synthesised to give an overview of the opinion of all these professionals on the challenges and trends in energy management.   
Post date: 19 Jan 2023
Type: Publication

As a real estate professional, you certainly manage buildings with very different characteristics such as offices, factories, supermarkets or warehouses. Regardless of your focus, energy management and more precisely, understanding how much energy buildings consume is certainly one of your priorities. Therefore, tracking the consumption of your properties, in large portfolios with multiple locations, or in a single building with different spaces, is a must.
Post date: 14 Jun 2022
Type: Publication