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“’Clean Energy in Our Community’ will highlight small communities around the country working to promote clean renewable energy initiatives and how our colleges and universities in particular play a critical role in shaping our communities and driving America’s clean energy economy,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.  “Luther College and Decorah, Iowa, are great examples of how our local communities can help lead the way in making sure that America wins the global clean energy race.”
Post date: 2 Aug 2012
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If you click for example on the house you will get various information on possible energy savings based on:biogas and biomasscirculation pumpcombined heat and powerelectronic equipmentenergy labelling of domestic appliancesenergy-efficient glazingenergy-saving bulbsheat pump and geothermal heatingheatinginsulationphotovoltaic solar modulessolar heatingwood-burning stove The tool is available in Danish and English.
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Based on DECC’s 2050 Pathways project, the report looks at the UK’s energy policies from the perspective of those people who will have to live with those decisions for their entire adult lives. The report was drafted by young people aged between 16 and 25 who visited power stations, nuclear plants and projects promoting renewable energy sources to investigate the issues at first hand and met with experts, industry, pressure groups and innovators, to look at how we keep the lights on in 2050 while reducing carbon emissions.
Post date: 8 Dec 2010
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The overall objective of the action has been to contribute to increased energy knowledge by addressing the world’s most important target group – namely our children. They will meet the climate and energy supply challenges when they become adults. The work done with the Kids4Future project can be valuable to give European children both the knowledge and the engagement to contribute to a sustainable future. At the core of the action are a joint visual profile and one brand. The platform is a universal energy story, called the story of the Rainmakers.
Post date: 25 Nov 2010
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Over the weekend of September 11th and 12th you are invited to visit some of these homes, benefit from the householders experience and find out more about how these changes have been achieved. The 52 open homes are clustered in various neighbourhoods around Bristol. Each neighbourhood has a designated hub such as a cafe, faith centre or library where maps and more detailed information on the homes will be available.
Post date: 10 Sep 2010
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The housing sector currently accounts for 40% of Europe's energy needs. The lack of energy conservation in this sector is believed to be partly due to energy prices and voluntary regulatory measures. Both European research initiatives support the need for change in energy use and services across consumer and industrial groups, and are headed by Finnish institutes working in collaboration with a number of researchers from Europe and abroad.
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