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The European Construction Sector Observatory (ECSO) invites European policy-makers, stakeholders on the market conditions and policy developments in the construction sector, and actors of the construction value chain, to contribute to awareness building by answering a short questionnaire regarding their preferred communication tools and channels.  
Post date: 6 May 2016
Type: News

In the loop: community feedback part of the process at Europe’s largest deep renovation site   Significant improvements to energy efficiency often mean lengthy inconveniences to residents. In the Torrelago district of Valladolid, Spain, the CITyFiED project is embracing this and trying to engage with the community throughout the process  
Post date: 4 May 2016
Type: News

Cities switched on to the energy and environment challenge   Municipalities, energy agencies and technical experts met in Udine, Italy to learn from one another face-to-face and channel the knowledge generated by the CITyFiED project.   
Post date: 11 Mar 2016
Type: News

Feeling the benefits of deep renovation in Valladolid     In the Torrelago district, cumulative improvements of the deep renovation works conducted as part of the CITyFiED project are beginning to be seen and felt by partners and residents alike.  
Post date: 9 Mar 2016
Type: News is an independent non-profit media agency promoting the leading-edge European innovation via TV media and the web. designs and implements media communication strategies for large research organisations and EU-funded projects and is able to establish permanent links between the research communities and the media. To date, more than 120 EU-funded projects and independent research organisations successfully exploited the platform to implement their communication strategy towards the media and the general public.
Post date: 30 Jan 2014
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ACHIEVE (ACtion in low-income Households to Improve energy Efficiency through Visits and Energy diagnosis) is an EU wide action for practical (energy uses and behaviours) and structural (retrofitting buildings) solutions to help Europeans reduce fuel poverty.
Post date: 2 Jan 2014
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The 58 CONCERTO communities demonstrate new, realistic models to bridge towards smart cities and communities with good examples for sustainable district development as well as for refurbishment in buildings. 14 video clips have been finalised and are now available on the website of CONCERTO on the video gallery.
Post date: 20 Nov 2013
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Post date: 8 Jul 2013
Type: Event

The SAVE AGE project supported by the IEE programme is the most important European initiative addressing energy efficiency in residential care homes for elderly people. The project is coordinated by E-zavod and includes 13 partners from 10 EU member states. The main aim of the project is to increase energy efficiency through raising awareness among management and residents of care homes.
Post date: 31 Jan 2013
Type: Note