Circular construction

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Date(s) - 28/04/2021 - 26/05/20211:00 pm - 2:00 pm   Discover innovative building materials and systems for creating quality, healthy, efficient buildings. This series showcases a range of solutions from IGBC members that can contribute to building a greener future. Covering areas including wood solutions, envelopes, interiors, renovation and circularity, this webinar series explores the carbon and energy saving potential of a range of solutions.   SOLUTIONS FROM TIMBER – Wednesday 1pm – 28/04/21
Post date: 22 Apr 2021
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De nouveaux outils sont développés pour faciliter la transition du secteur de la construction vers plus de circularité. Parmi ces outils, les passeports matériaux représentent une opportunité majeure.   Ils permettent l’acquisition, le stockage et la transmission de données. Ils facilitent ainsi notamment l’entretien, la réparation, le remplacement, ou encore le réemploi ou le recyclage futur des matériaux et systèmes.  
Post date: 5 Mar 2021
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  The VEEP replication workshop is a follow up event to the VEEP webinar on the 9th of March. Use the gained knowledge from the webinar and discuss the VEEP replication during the workshop with us!  
Post date: 1 Mar 2021
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Level(s) is a new European approach to assess and report on the sustainability performance of buildings, throughout the full life cycle of buildings.   Using existing standards, the Level(s) framework with its indicators provides a common language for building sustainability, which can be used directly on building projects and portfolios, or as a basis for other initiatives, policies, schemes and actions, to include life cycle thinking and circularity.  
Post date: 3 Feb 2021
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The concept of the circular economy promotes a more efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste.   The construction sector is one of the most resource and waste intensive economic activities, generating 30% of all waste in the EU.  
Post date: 27 Jan 2021
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