climate change adaptation

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Tuesday 15 September, 15:30 – 16:15 CET / 14:30 – 15:15 BST   As regulatory pressure mounts, it is imperative that banks have a clear plan to address climate risks, and to finance a green agenda. Join our experts as they discuss how banks can implement a successful climate risk management strategy.  
Post date: 26 Aug 2020
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FEDARENE member regions and energy agencies are dedicated to helping municipalities in fighting climate change and preventing its unintended consequences. Read this new publication and find out about some of our best practices’ examples in the field!  
Post date: 19 Aug 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.  
Post date: 3 Jun 2020
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The global building floor area is expected to double by 2060. Buildings and construction are therefore essential sectors to fight climate change and reach development objectives. Already today, the construction and operation of buildings is responsible for 40% of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and consumes 36% of the global final energy.  
Post date: 31 Jan 2020
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Climate change is threatening historic places across the world, especially in the world’s northern regions. The international Adapt Northern Heritage Conference 2020 will explore practices and research concerned with: ·     assessing the environmental impacts of climate change and their associated risks on historic places ·     planning and/or implementing adaptation measures to make historic places more resilient to climate change, where possible, or alternatively manage their loss
Post date: 6 Dec 2019
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Renovate Europe is a political communications campaign with the ambition to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050 through legislation and ambitious renovation programmes. Accelerating the rate of renovation is a key tool in the fight against climate change, and will deliver major benefits for people, their quality of life, and the economy.  
Post date: 18 Oct 2019
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Climate change is already underway, and some dangerous consequences include warmer average temperatures and severe and frequent heat waves.   The recent heat waves, which set new temperature records in Europe, has shown that Western, Central and Nordic cities are more vulnerable to heat stress than those already facing heat regularly in the Southern Europe.  
Post date: 29 Aug 2019
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In the 2050 EU Energy Strategy, the EU has set a long-term goal for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80-95% when compared to 1990 levels, in line with the efforts of the Paris Agreement to limit the temperature increase to 1.5° above pre-industrial levels. In order to achieve this ambitious goals, public authorities at all levels need the technical know-how and resources to develop long-term climate and energy actions.
Post date: 30 Jul 2019
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Concept   HYBUILD aims at developing cost-effective and environmental-friendly solutions, while ensuring comfort conditions in residential buildings located in two different climates: Mediterranean climate where cooling is critical; and Continental climate where a stronger focus is put on heating demand.   Methodology and objectives  
Post date: 15 Jul 2019
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The objective of the Conference is to bring together academics, practitioners and PhD students working in the area of risk management.  
Post date: 10 Jul 2019
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