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The Concerted Action for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD), the Concerted Action for the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (CA RES) and the Concerted Action for the Energy Efficiency Directive (CA EED) organised the workshop during January 2020 in Barcelona, to explore synergies in the implementation of these three key pieces of European energy legislation.  
Post date: 19 Mar 2020
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Tuesday 10 March 2020, Sofia | 14:00 - 17:30 Sofia time (EET)   HOTEL BALKAN (city centre) | 5 Sveta Nedelya Square | 1000 Sofia| Bulgaria  
Post date: 7 Jan 2020
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In the Concerted Action EPBD, we strive to support implementation of energy performance policies for buildings as much as possible, and we are looking for the most suitable and effective ways to communicate with relevant stakeholders. In this respect, we ask you to spend 5 minutes in order to give us your opinion.  
Post date: 3 Dec 2019
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Over the years, the CA EPBD has been collecting a wealth of information useful to EPBD national policy experts and other stakeholders. The most recent key public outputs of the CA EPBD are now gathered in the present database of publications, which will be regularly updated to reflect further developments.   The contents in this database are structured around Countries/Regions and Themes.  
Post date: 20 Nov 2019
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The European Copper Institute (ECI), the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users (FISUEL) and the European Electrical Contractors Association (AIE) welcome the European Commission’s effort to draft a guidance document on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive with regards to the transposition of the provisions on fire safety.
Post date: 7 Sep 2018
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The experts of the Concerted Actions (CA) worked from 2015-2018 to provide a comprehensive overview of the EPBD implementation among the Member States (MSs).   Among all, the CA released a thematic report with an analysis of the new constructions and NZEBs requirements across Europe. Challenges and experiences with the early implementation of NZEBs in the MSs are analysed by collecting case studies and discussing how to integrate renewable energy systems (RES) and other innovative technologies, as well as the indoor climate issue, into the energy performance assessment.
Post date: 15 Jun 2018
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Concerted Action Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD) public stakeholder workshop   24 October 2017, Bucharest, Romania  
Post date: 26 Dec 2017
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The EU’s Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Programme supported projects which sought to overcome non-technical barriers to the uptake, implementation and replication of innovative sustainable energy solutions.  
Post date: 22 Sep 2017
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UPDATE: The web recordings for this event have now been published.   This public stakeholder workshop, organised by the Concerted Action Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (CA EPBD), will take place at the Sheraton Hotel, in Bucharest, Romania, on 24 October (14:00-18:00 EET - 13:00-17:00 CET).  
Post date: 7 Sep 2017
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Essential skills and innovative solutions needed for a fair energy transition   by Ralf Tinga (PRACSIS)    
Post date: 12 Jun 2017
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