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By the end of 2015, a series of free postgraduate level training courses in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) will begin around Europe. These ‘Professional Energy Skills in NZEB’ courses aim to empower building professionals through the development of skills in energy efficiency and integration of renewables in the retrofit of existing housing stock.   The program is for EU engineers, architects and building manager professionals who are interested in energy efficiency applied to buildings.
Post date: 28 Nov 2016
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PROF/TRAC is a European project that has created a European Training and Qualification Platform on nZEB skills. It follows an interdisciplinary approach, promotes integrated design concepts and targets professionals from various sectors: engineers, architects, and project managers.   PROF/TRAC has developed this Training Material database collecting available training materials that can be used to develop CPD courses. The database features a simple search function allowing users to filter materials according to topic, building function, material type, etc. 
Post date: 24 Nov 2016
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BUStoB, a Horizon 2020 project, is directed towards establishing and upgrading large-scale qualification and training schemes in the Netherlands for craftsmen and other on-site workers, in continuation of the BUILD Up Skills Initiative.  
Post date: 11 Nov 2016
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The MEnS Consortium is glad to invite you to join our third Front Meeting of Skills, from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th October 2016, in Aarhus, Denmark.    The Front Meetings of Skills is a novel training activity created as part of a European funded project, MEnS, Meeting of Energy Professional Skills. To know more about MEnS, please visit the project website here:  
Post date: 17 Oct 2016
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This report sets out to harvest the results of the 8th BUILD UP Skills EU Exchange Meeting which took place on 2 and 3 June 2016 at the Hotel Mercure Budapest Buda (Krisztina krt. 41-43) in Budapest, Hungary. A total of 59 participants attended the two-day event including 50 BUILD UP Skills project coordinators (representing finalised Pillar I projects as well as ongoing and finalised Pillar II projects) and H2020-2014 EE4 (Construction Skills) project coordinators, 3 EASME representatives and 6 consultants from Trinomics, Visionary Analytics and GOPAcom.
Post date: 22 Sep 2016
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Vocational education and training (VET) is evolving in exciting ways all across Europe. The European Commission organises the first European Vocational Skills Week to inspire people to discover and use their talent through vocational training. It will be organised from 5 to 9 December 2016 in Brussels, in parallel with activities in Member States and other participating countries at national, regional and local levels.
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The 9th BUILD UP Skills EU exchange meeting will take place on 6-7 December 2016 in Athens, Greece. As usual, this meeting is open for BUILD UP Skills project coordinators and partners involved in the BUILD UP Skills Pillar I, completed and ongoing BUILD UP Skills Pillar II, and ongoing Horizon2020 construction skills projects. Besides the usual plenary and parallel sessions, this EU exchange will include a site visit to the premises of CRES (the center for renewable energy sources and savings) where the group will be guided through the and the bioclimatic office-laboratory building...
Post date: 22 Sep 2016
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 Building and HVAC system performance in practice REHVA Workshops at CLIMA 2016Aalborg, Denmark, 22-25 May 2016   The 6th REHVA Report deals with the outcomes of the technical workshops organised during the triennial flagship event,  CLIMA2016 REHVA World Congress.  
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Post date: 2 Aug 2016
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Welcome to PROF/TRAC’s second newsletter! This is a bi-annual newsletter with updated news and events from around Europe on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) in the framework of the Horizon 2020 project PROF/TRAC.
Post date: 21 Jun 2016
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