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The training school will acquaint participants with state-of-the-art processes and practices for implementation of Positive Energy Districts. Participants will learn through lectures, site visits, practical classes, group work and discussion workshops how Zürich has been successfully implementing PEDs in the last fifteen years.
Post date: 1 Mar 2023
Type: Event

MEP Erik Bergkvist (S&D) and Gothenburg European Office invite you to join on January 31, 2023 at 4pm in the European Parliament in Brussels for a panel discussion on the role that district heating (DH) can play to overcome the dire challenges facing Europe's energy systems and to drive Europe’s fossil-free energy and heating transition.  
Post date: 13 Jan 2023
Type: Event

AGENDA (CET) 09:00-09:10 EU policies encouraging waste heat recovery. TBC 09:10-09:20 Introduction to SO WHAT project. Arianna Amati. 09:20-09:45 Industrial sites assessment and technology database. Adriano Sciacovelli
Post date: 25 Oct 2022
Type: Event

In the frame of INSTRUCT project, we would like to invite you to share your opinion on the quality of the energy-efficiency renovations that have been made in your building. This questionnaire is addressed exclusively to house owners who have carried out an energy-efficiency renovation in their homes. It also raises questions about workers’ competencies in a very simple way.  
Post date: 27 Sep 2022
Type: News

The MAKING-CITY PED-readiness indicator tool (PEDTool) allows cities to quickly and simply assess whether they are ready to develop a Positive Energy District (PED) which helps the city to become climate neutral.  
Post date: 20 Sep 2022
Type: Tool

Cities4PEDs, a two-year research project funded by JPI Urban Europe, will present the preliminary results of its research on Positive Energy Districts (PED). For two years, the cities of Brussels, Vienna and Stockholm collaborate with experts from research, innovation and citizen participation.  
Post date: 13 Sep 2022
Type: Event

Buildings are one of the major users of energy in the European Union, accounting for almost half of the total consumption. In this scenario, renewable energy sources play a fundamental role in the transition towards a low-carbon society, and promoting their use is vital for the future of Europe. This work focuses on the use of district heating networks supplied with energy from biomass as a form of sustainable development for cities and communities, with attention to the Italian situation.  
Post date: 31 May 2022
Type: Publication

Improving Africa’s access to sustainable energy   Implemented in nine African countries, the EU-funded SESA project will develop and test solutions to accelerate the green transition and energy access in Africa. It will explore innovative technologies and services in urban and rural contexts and support their uptake, deepening technical, financial and policy aspects. Specifically, SESA will co-develop innovations with local partners.   
Post date: 12 May 2022
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After more than two years, this event will bring the district heating and cooling (DHC) community together again in Brussels. The pandemic may have interrupted our physical networking, but it has not stopped the energy transition! The European DHC industry, represented by Euroheat & Power (EHP), has pledged to pursue the full decarbonisation of DHC networks in Europe before 2050.  
Post date: 16 Mar 2022
Type: Event