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Scope: energy efficient solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting  and other manufacturing sectors; bio-, hydro, solar, geothermal and wind energy, waste-to-energy, electric vehicles, etc. The 2015 edition will promote the latest energy developments and encourage their large-scale implementation in South-East Europe as well as speed up foreign investment in the regional economy. It is a great networking place for international and local industry players.The Exhibition in 2014  
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A Commission review of energy efficiency measures this summer will prioritise heating measures as a way of transforming Europe’s energy performance, according to a top Commission adviser.Heat makes up nearly half of the world’s final energy consumption, but the heat industry says that it is routinely and unfairly overlooked in energy and climate debates.That could be about to change, as the Commission studies its calculators for ways of toting up savings to meet its energy efficiency objectives.
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 Building sustainable communitiesResidential neighbourhood on track to halve its energy consumption within five years
Post date: 30 Jan 2014
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This French brochure from ADEME describes how a residential building can be connected to district heating. It explains the advantages of this option: reducing greenhouse gases emissions, especially if the district heating system is linked to a biomass plant or is using heat recovered from industry; mutualize costs and reducing energy bills. The administrative procedures to connect a building to a district heating system are described. A figure shows the various components of a district heating system.
Post date: 13 Jan 2014
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This website has been created in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe 'SDHtake-off - Solar District Heating in Europe' and 'SDHplus – New Business Opportunities for Solar District Heating and Cooling' projects. These projects are supporting the market rollout of solar thermal district heating in Europe.
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