EED - Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU)

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Post date: 19 Oct 2011
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Post date: 23 Sep 2011
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This new guide is the fifth in a series of guides on current energy efficiency hot topics, and is entitled "Your eceee guide to following the approval process of the proposed Energy Efficiency Directive" and will be updated regularly as the proposal moves through the process. The guide is complemented by a web page on the draft EED. Apart from summarising the Directive, the web page provides up-to date links to the views and web pages of other relevant stakeholders and serves as a comprehensive resource page for all things related to the draft EED.
Post date: 20 Jul 2011
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The New Directive has a lot of potential to get this process underway and to support local energy transitions. CECODHAS Housing Europe is focusing on what it sees as three main catalysts which will be vital for our success: 1) achieving the optimal energy mix of efficiency, renewables and capture of waste heat BEFORE we invest in macro grids, 2) Citizen engagement and empowerment through ICT but much more besides 3) access to capital at the right rates and under conditions that mean transitions are not exclusive but all- inclusive.
Post date: 6 Jul 2011
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The Commission proposes simple but ambitious measures:
Post date: 2 Jul 2011
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Feedback from the ground shows that in most Member States while Green Targets are Going Up - Budgets for refurbishment are going down. Can the new energy efficiency directive help to address this glaring contradiction?
Post date: 22 Jun 2011
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