Thirteen countries from the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Africa have joined together under the forum of 4E to share information and transfer experience in order to support good policy development in the field of energy efficient appliances and equipment.They recognise the huge benefits for energy security, economic development and greehouse gas abatement from maximising the use of energy efficiency to meet future energy demand.
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La mayoría de veces ahorrar energía y agua es sólo cuestión de cambiar ciertos hábitos de consumo, otras veces vale la pena invertir cierto dinero en cambios tecnológicos que a la larga te supondrán un ahorro que también notarás en la factura. En esta página dispónes de una guía completa sobre todo lo que puedes hacer para no desperdiciar energía
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The report uncovers a number of surprises, mostly unwelcome ones:
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The government aims to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 40 percent in 2020, compared to 1990 levels. This will be achieved by dramatically increasing the consumption of renewable energy. In 2020, half of all electricity must come from wind power, and in 2035, all heating and electricity must come from renewable sources. The goal is to phase out all fossil fuels by 2050. The phase-in of wind energy and an expected increase in electricity consumption as the number of electric powered vehicles and heat pumps increases presents a major challenge for the power grid in the long term.
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The path to the energy of the future - safe, affordable and environmentally sound Germany is about to drastically revamp its energy supply. For this purpose, on 6 June 2011 the Federal government adopted the key elements for a faster transformation of the energy system. Electricity generation in nuclear power plants will be phased out by the end of 2022. The eight nuclear power plants which were shut down will not be reconnected to the grid. This is a landmark decision for entering the age of renewable energy.
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"We have the chance to be the world's first industrialised nation to switch over to the electricity of the future." The Chancellor underscored the fact that guaranteeing the energy supply without nuclear power is, "a Herculean task," but that, "we can combine ethical responsibility with economic success in this project for the future."A personal turning point
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